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Triathlon Coach on Bouncing Back from an Ironman Triathlon

Completing an Ironman triathlon is an incredible feat of endurance and mental fortitude. The race pushes athletes to their limits, testing their physical, mental, and emotional resilience. However, once the finish line is crossed, a new challenge arises: recovery. Coach Steve Davis from Davey Black Triathlon Club Melbourne gives us his advice on the essential […]

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What is Your Athlete Personality Trait?

Humans are incredibly complex beings and as such, no two people are alike, and every person is vastly different from any other. When you then apply this logic to humans that train and race for endurance sports and events, you get a very complex group of people. Every time you go to a race, you […]

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Business name: Davey Black Triathlon Plan completed by: Steve Davis Date reviewed: 29 Oct 2020 1. Ensure physical distancing Requirements: You must ensure workers and visitors are 1.5m apart as much as possible. This can be done by – Displaying signs to show patron limits at the entrance of enclosed areas where limits apply Informing […]

Tips for ZWIFT Racing

Tips for ZWIFT Racing

Over the last few months, Zwift has become the number 1 platform to keep us together while training and racing indoors. Being in lockdown means that our method of racing has changed, but the excitement and the adrenaline are still there. For the majority of us, the Zwift platform has brought a whole new perspective […]

5 minutes with Adrenaline Seeker Leah Therese

5 minutes with Adrenaline Seeker Leah Therese

Some say that life is not about fighting, but about flowing and adapting. In the middle of this pandemic, and the different restrictions that have come with it, a very unique athlete has risen and is building her way to become one of the toughest in the field, Leah Therese. Not only she has faced […]

Triathlon World Championship 2019

Lausanne World Championships 2019 Course Guide

The Lausanne Triathlon World Championships course is challenging to say the least. With a hilly and technical bike leg, and some stairs, hills and multiple turns and u-turns on the run course, it is going to be a course for choosing when to go and when to back off and reserve your energy. The average […]

Ironman Cork

26th May, Ironman Cork, Ireland bike course recon

Padraig Purcell from Davey Black Triathlon coaching in Ireland is taking an Ironman Cork bike course recon on Sunday 26th May. Ironman have made a few changes to the bike route driven by the need to reduce traffic on sections of route. This final draft of the course is much faster and safer overall, and […]

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9 Benefits of Training for a Triathlon

It’s no wonder that, in the world of triathlons, a number of professional athletes from other sports turn towards the triple-event endurance sport. Due to the nature of this mammoth race, across land and sea, people of all athletic levels find many benefits from undertaking the training – and eventual racing – for a triathlon. […]

Perfomance Training Camp

Performance Training Camp

BOOK NOW Triathlon Australia Performance Coaches Des Gooda (Des Gooda Coaching -Tweed Coast) and Steve Davis (Davey Black Triathlon – Melbourne & Ireland) have joined forces to put on a Performance Training Camp from the 3rd to 5th August 2018 on the Tweed Coast in NSW. The camp is open to all triathletes from any […]