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Davey Black Triathlon Club Melbourne provides Coaching, triathlon programs and group training for athletes of any ability. We are the coaching providers for St Kilda Triathlon Club, and we utilise our facilities and expertise to bring you a unique training experience that encompasses everything you need to get you fit and keep you healthy, all in a fun and supportive group training environment. Our highly skilled & friendly coaches understand how to create a fun and efficient training program that fits around your family and work commitments.

Running Club

Running Club

The Davey Black Running Club caters for runners of any ability.  Programs range from couch-to-5k up to marathon and Ultra Marathon training. Our Coaches are experienced in fun runs, road racing, and trail running. All of the Davey Black Triathlon clubs have Running Club options for any distance race over any terrain. Running Club sessions are held concurrently with the triathlon run sessions and additional sessions are added to your program where required.

*Sports performance centre

*MELBOURNE ONLY – Fitness Studio, Yoga Studio, Physiotherapist, Bike Fitting, Clinical Nutritionist, Sports Psychologist, Recovery Room

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Triathlon Training

Open to All Triathletes

The Davey Black Sports Performance centre is open to triathletes from all triathlon clubs. If you are looking for Triathlon specific S&C, Yoga, Pilates, Recovery, Physio, Nutrition, or bike fitting then drop us an email and we'll get in touch to let you know how we can help you out. Our goal is to educate, improve and grow with every member of our team.