Month: September 2022

How to Place Strength Into a Triathlon Program

At Davey Black Triathlon, every athlete is provided with the opportunity to have all their Swim, Bike, Run, strength and conditioning and Yoga under one roof and all in one very affordable package. Not only is this available to Davey Black Melbourne triathlon club athletes, but also those athletes around the world who join us […]

Tips for ZWIFT Racing

The Pros and Cons of E-Training

In response to the global lockdowns that were thrust upon us by the Covid pandemic, Triathlon moved swiftly and smoothly into a new, exciting, and widely accessible format known as E-Sports. Athletes who were used to competing against hundreds or even thousands of others at competitions were now locked up and isolated. The new format […]

The Best Worse Race of My Life

In today’s blog, we uncover the story of one of the mast inspiring first triathlon race stories ever. This athlete came to Davey Black from a strong swimming and water polo background with the intention of developing into a competitive triathlete. He brought the best of himself and became a very valuable member of the […]

The Wonderful World of Triathlon

Triathlon is often considered to be an individual sport, where an  athlete swims, bikes and runs on their own, but this can’t be further from the truth. Triathlon is, and has always been, a team sport. Individuals, groups and even nations come together to celebrate a healthy and happy triathlon community. In this blog we […]