9 Benefits of Training for a Triathlon

Triathlon Fitness Training

It’s no wonder that, in the world of triathlons, a number of professional athletes from other sports turn towards the triple-event endurance sport. Due to the nature of this mammoth race, across land and sea, people of all athletic levels find many benefits from undertaking the training – and eventual racing – for a triathlon. From enhancing athletic abilities in general to improving the resilience of their mentality, this is a hugely beneficial sport to try out.

Physical Benefits

1. Be less prone to injury
Training for a Triathlon incorporates three very different sports. This Cross-Training method distributes the stress of exercise more evenly to your entire body and develop a more balanced physical fitness. It strengthens all areas of the body as opposed to continuously working the same parts or joints in the body. For example running can cause overuse injuries like shin splints and knee problems.

2. Have More Energy
Exercise refreshes your body and clears your mind. Activity that increases the heart rate and gets blood flowing releases endorphins. Through gaining good cardio health, you will have more blood and oxygen getting around the body more effectively. You will feel the increase in stamina as you train consistently. Tri Club Melbourne has a flexible training schedule that provides a great example for you to join or follow.

3. Weight Loss
Triathlon training club Melbourne for a three-sport event will create a balanced program that keeps you motivated and passionate. It will make a great impact on your overall health – and fat loss will happen if you’re consistently burning more calories than you’re consuming.

Mental Benefits

1. Stress Less
If and when you learn to relax into running for 45 minutes, you will be learning to maintain composure as the pressure around you may heighten. One of the most rewarding aspects of training for a triathlon is the mental resilience you can’t help but develop as you learn to endure with the long form sports.

2. Improve Mood
We have all heard that endorphins are released during exercise. It’s not wonder why though, because it is undeniably true! The time we spend exercising is interpreted as a moment of stress by the brain – triggering the fight or flight response. This then causes a release of a couple of chemicals, including endorphins, to give you a fresh feeling of clarity and happiness. Fantastic stuff.

3. Build Self-Confidence
Achieving something that is deeply challenging to you is a sure-fire way to build self-confidence that lasts. Through training and finishing a triathlon you will certainly feel amazing about the challenge that you’ve just crushed!

Social Benefits

1. Join Local Clubs, Make Local Friends
Facing a challenge by yourself is rewarding, but working towards a common goal with teammates is something really special. Connecting with others, especially through something as tough as triathlon training, is so fulfilling and also helps to keep you on track with this goal of yours. If you’re in the market for a Melbourne triathlon, get in contact with the Tri Club Melbourne team for athletes of all fitness levels.

2. Inspiration – For You and Those Around You
The courage and determination you show in pursuing a triathlon may inspire those around you to elevate their fitness and their lives. Knowing that you have set an example for someone to go after their dreams or to make a positive change in their life is a reward that simply cannot be matched.

3. Sense of Purpose
Focusing your attention on an exciting, positive and challenging goal such as a triathlon can breathe renewed purpose into your life and channel away some of that restlessness. The triathlon is a noble pursuit and an outside-the-box undertaking, and because of that people tend to wake up each morning feeling that they are on a mission.

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