Davey Black Triathlon

Who is the EOR Olympic Team?

With the Olympics in full swing and the fitness studio Melbourne back open, it is impossible not to feel excited when an athlete representing our nation gets out and competes. We have been witnesses to people showing the best of humanities physical capacities, who have valiantly fought their way through all sorts of obstacles in […]

Mt Everest Climber Mark Harland

Looking Back at the Tour de France

The biggest cycling event in the world just finished last week, The Tour de France. Over the past 3 weeks, we followed some of the best in the sport battling through the French alps, facing all the elements in some of the toughest circuits ever. 21 stages where riders gave every single bit of themselves, […]

Slow Down To Run Faster

The Beginner v Veteran Mindset

In today’s blog, Mental Health Counsellor Alejandro Rivera takes us through the different mindsets required by different athletes, and how a coach needs to be flexible and cater for all abilities and mindsets. It is no mystery that endurance sports are as related to the mind as they are to our bodies, and the more […]

Changing Your Community Through the Extraordinary

Turning Failure into Success

It is not uncommon to hear people only admiring an athlete’s victory, celebrating with them when things go right and leaving them on their own when a challenge presents itself. More often than not, an athlete is defined by their successes, and rarely by their mistakes. Every single race, every training session, every experience we […]