Month: August 2022


The above spreadsheet is a list of all the parking that is available around the clubrooms. The times indicate the length of stay. If there is just a time, then the parking is free. If there is the word “Tix” after the time, then it is ticketed parking. MSAC PARKING Free parking is available along […]

Triathlon Coach


Every training session and race day is a learning event for coaches and athletes alike. Here are a few key points that I have picked up over the last few weeks from watching and listening to the Davey Black crew. POWER TARGETS The targets that are set for you in training are quite specific and are met […]

The Importance of Recovery in Training

When starting out in endurance sports, it is generally accepted that you need to train for time and distance. Collectively, we want to improve how long we can maintain a certain speed. Although the recovery aspect is often mentioned by coaches, a lot of new endurance athletes do not understand the importance of a rest […]

Davey Black Triathlon

The Raramuri Runners

In past blogs we have discussed the true spirit of the sport of running and how we, as athletes and humans, relate to this. What drives us to wake up and face the cold winds in winter or the hot temperatures in the summer? What helps every one of us stand on the start line […]


Choosing Triathlon as a Sport

As time moves on, so do the knowledge, skill and technology required for the sport of Triathlon. Triathlon is a journey that begins in a different way for everyone. The main driver and the motivation required is also very individual. The way people approach the sport changes depending on many things, from the initial reason […]