Month: October 2022

Periodised Training

Basic Cycling Etiquette

When the Covid pandemic broke out, people worldwide had their fitness routines interrupted. Because of this, they needed to find alternative ways to maintain their fitness. A huge amount of people either took up or re-found their love of cycling to help fill the fitness void created by lockdowns and working from home. There were […]

6 Steps to Coping with Injury

Choosing The Right Running Shoe

Running has become one of the most popular physical activities worldwide. It is estimated that around 15% of the global population use running or jogging as a part of their exercise routine. With this upshift in popularity, technology has also become much more specific. All sorts of equipment and accessories have developed and begun adapting […]

Athlete with kids

The Importance of your Support Crew

Every time we talk about Triathlon, we generally only think of the athlete who is competing. Much of the attention goes to the individual who crosses the finish line, takes the medal, and gets the photos. It rarely goes to those who have supported the athlete in their journey. Behind every great athlete, there is […]