6 Steps to Coping with Injury

Written by Behavioural & Mental Health Counsellor – Nestor Rivera with Performance Triathlon Coach – Steve Davis Injuries in sport are inevitable. The best you can hope for is to sleep, eat, recover, load correctly, strengthen and lengthen to help minimise the risk of an injury occurring. We’ve all been there, sitting and listening to […]

Reach Your Personal Best in Lockdown

Triathletes are competitive by nature. Triathlon is the sport that starts as an opportunity to socialise and get healthy, usually changes once the race is on. Some of us are racing to get on the podium. Some of us race to beat our mates. All of us are racing to beat our previous best time. […]

They Cancelled My Race!

The current world wide pandemic has brought all triathletes to one same crossroad. All of us have collectively been through the agony of a race cancellation in 2020. We spend months and months preparing for a race, following a triathlon training plan consistently, keeping our hopes up, thinking about crossing the finish line and proving […]