Month: September 2021

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The Four C’s of Performance

It is no secret that Triathlon can be a very demanding sport. Not only does it require you to master three different sports, but also to grasp the skills around transition, nutrition, recovery and equipment maintenance. Triathlon, as a personal challenge, requires an individual plan to be put in place in order to achieve your […]

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Empathy; the secret behind the new wave of high performance

Over the last decade, emotions, feelings and thoughts have become a crucial part in the high performance sport sector. The majority of sports worldwide have shown examples of coaches and communities who have been able to bring the best out of every athlete by using this skill. Davey Black Triathlon excel at providing a comfortable, […]

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Multisport Racing Explained

Multisport racing is made up of a number of fun and exciting race formats. The styles and distances are many and varied and suit any level of athlete from a complete beginner to an experienced master. Starting at Duathlons or Aquathlons, Team events, Short Course, Long Course and Ultra Distance. There are multiple options for […]

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Train the Body. Train the Mind

Davey Black’s Mental Health Counsellor, S&C and Triathlon Coach Alejandro Rivera explores the similarities between training physically, and training mentally. We all know that money is earned through hard work and dedication. We recognise the value in the effort behind a professional. We all know that it would be safe to be cautious before accepting […]