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Using Emotions as Energy

Every athlete at one stage in their training, racing or even everyday life, has wished that they had more energy. How can I get more energy? How will I make it through the day to get to training tonight? How am I going to get to the end of the week? The answer, interestingly, lies […]

Triathlon World Championship

Goal Setting For Your Season

After every season finishes and before every new season starts, athletes come to the point of thinking what their options are for the new athletic year. They usually go through events looking for the right one, checking their budget, the dates, analysing the workload, talking with themselves and their families; all to see how possible […]

Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Coaching: Art v’s Science

The world of triathlon and endurance training has been growing exponentially over the last couple of decades. This not only applies to types of races, bicycle choice or clothing options, but it is also true for the types of athletes and coaches coming from wide ranging backgrounds and personalities. All competitors, before being athletes, are […]