Month: January 2024

Triathlon Coach on Joining a Local Triathlon Club

In a world where fitness enthusiasts are constantly seeking new and engaging ways to challenge themselves, joining a local triathlon club stands out as an exhilarating and rewarding choice. Triathlons, encompassing swimming, cycling, and running, are not just races but lifestyle events that promote holistic fitness and camaraderie. At St Kilda Triathlon Club, you also […]

Triathlon World Championship

Triathlon Coach on Endurance Race Nutrition

Melbourne Triathlon Coach Steve Davis has written a brief overview of what a race day nutrition strategy might look like. Every individual is very different, so use this as a guide only, and if you would like further information, or to have your race day nutrition tailored to suit your specific needs, then drop Coach […]

Triathlon Coach on Carb Loading

Carb Loading is required only for any race that will be greater than 2hrs in duration. It takes a full 48hrs to maximize the storage of glycogen in the muscles and liver, so you need to start your deliberate carb load from breakfast 2 days prior to your race morning. Carb Sources CHO comes from […]

Triathlon Coach on Training Safely in the Heat

As a triathlon coach, I’ve witnessed the dedication and perseverance of athletes who push themselves through various challenges. Among these, training in hot temperatures under the blazing sun stands as a formidable hurdle—one that demands not just physical endurance but also vigilant sun protection measures. While the sun offers essential Vitamin D and a refreshing […]