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The Raramuri Runners

In past blogs we have discussed the true spirit of the sport of running and how we, as athletes and humans, relate to this. What drives us to wake up and face the cold winds in winter or the hot temperatures in the summer? What helps every one of us stand on the start line […]


Choosing Triathlon as a Sport

As time moves on, so do the knowledge, skill and technology required for the sport of Triathlon. Triathlon is a journey that begins in a different way for everyone. The main driver and the motivation required is also very individual. The way people approach the sport changes depending on many things, from the initial reason […]

The World Marathon Majors

The Davey Black Triathlon Club Melbourne, Coach Nestor, is a Boston marathon finisher and a huge fanatic of all things running. Today, he will take us through the World Marathon Majors which now includes a new course, right on our doorstep! In the Marathon world, there is a series of events that are considered the […]

Davey Black Triathlon Coach

The Effects of High-Altitude Training

This is one of those big myths around the sport, we have seen it in different stories, news articles and stories from different athletes. It is not uncommon to see some of the best Tour de France cyclists spending a couple months riding in the high Mountains of Boyaca in Colombia some 2500 mts above […]

Ironman Training

What is Drafting in Triathlon?

In the world of triathlon, you will hear coaches, technical officials and staff talking about drafting. It can be confusing to know who and when you are allowed to draft, when you are forbidden to draft, and what the consequences are if you get it wrong. From beginners to veterans, there are questions, thoughts, and […]

How to Race a Sprint Duathlon

A Duathlon sprint race is one of the most intense multisport race styles around. With a short, sharp circuit, the Duathlon Sprint promises a fantastic challenge for every participant and a great showing for every spectator. As with triathlons, there are multiple distances for Duathlons ranging from entry level events for triathlon beginner course participants, […]

Beating the Post-Race Blues

Take a moment to picture yourself the day after you have completed a long-term goal. You have just crossed the finish line of a big race, won your grand final, handed in your thesis, got a promotion, bought your dream house, moved out of home or achieved any long-term dream. You did what you set […]

How to Run a Perfect Marathon

42.2km of running. The race of races. The legendary distance. The Marathon is the biggest test of a runner’s race calendar. It is a distance respected by all. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional athlete, the Marathon is the distance everyone respects, loves and fears. Books have been written and […]

Cairns Ironman Race Report by Coach Nestor

On the request of many Davey Black Triathlon teammates that I raced with on the day and who were watching from home, I’ll write my Ironman Cairns race report. This is a race that went beyond the realm of the physical fitness and transcended into the mental and spiritual areas of life. For those who […]

Age Is No Barrier

How to Race a Half Marathon

The Half Marathon is one of the most interesting race distances in the world of running. It is a true all-rounder which includes a taste of everything that running can provide as a sport. The half-marathon brings a spectacular challenge of the mind and the body. It consists of 21.1 kilometres (or 13.1 miles) of […]