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Breaking Through the pain barrier

Training Your Emotions

One of the most important elements of training for a triathlon is often one of the most underestimated. This is the influence of emotions in our triathlon or Ironman training plan. The presence of such emotions is not only inevitable, but one of the most important aspects of our sport. Learning to recognise the main […]

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Habits That Build Champions

One of the most discussed questions heard in homes, bars and at stadiums all around the world relates to those athletes that we watch on our televisions who are the best at what they do. How does someone become the best athlete in the world at their chosen sport? What does it take to represent […]

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Tenacity and inspiration can be found occurring all around the globe. There is a steady flow of examples of those of us who have transcended the limits of the physical, mental and even spiritual self. Some of these feats can be used to show humanity what can be done and created if we set ourselves […]

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Active Meditation to Boost Motivation

Contrary to what many athletes think, endurance sport is rarely an activity where results are the main objective. Generally, we see athletes aiming for longer distances or faster times, however, sport is rarely a matter of numbers and more often a matter of passion, discipline, and sacrifice. In order to maintain our commitment towards such […]

The Four Pillars of Success

Technology Versus The Human Factor

Over the past decade, a debate has arisen between the effectiveness of technology versus the human factor of having a coach and the benefits of a club environment. Since the beginning of the 2000s, athletes have gone from owning a simple watch, to entering a new era of data tracking. Athletes, commonly used to only […]

Perfomance Training Camp

Black River Run

Join us for a quality run of your choice of distance. There will be 5km, 10km, 15km & 21.1km options available along the scenic Yarra River and Botanical Gardens walking trails. The Davey Black Club tent will be there to leave bags & valuables, and there will be a BBQ and drinks at the end […]

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What is Your Athlete Personality Trait?

Humans are incredibly complex beings and as such, no two people are alike, and every person is vastly different from any other. When you then apply this logic to humans that train and race for endurance sports and events, you get a very complex group of people. Every time you go to a race, you […]

6 Steps to Coping with Injury

A Healthy Winning Mindset

Johnny Fake is a made-up character based on many real-life athletes and their struggles with finding balance in their lives. The following is a fictional account of how Johnny used mental health therapy to reset his win-at-all-costs mentality to become a true winner in life. It was a sunny day when Johnny Fake went to […]

Coping and Choking in Triathlon and Life

How do I Fit Training Into My Life?

As a Triathlon Coach, it’s not uncommon to hear triathletes at races looking at other athletes and asking “How does that person train so much? How to they fit it all in?”. When asking these questions, however, we rarely stop to think that all of the athletes on the start line are humans, just like […]