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What is Your Athlete Personality Trait?

Humans are incredibly complex beings and as such, no two people are alike, and every person is vastly different from any other. When you then apply this logic to humans that train and race for endurance sports and events, you get a very complex group of people. Every time you go to a race, you […]

6 Steps to Coping with Injury

A Healthy Winning Mindset

Johnny Fake is a made-up character based on many real-life athletes and their struggles with finding balance in their lives. The following is a fictional account of how Johnny used mental health therapy to reset his win-at-all-costs mentality to become a true winner in life. It was a sunny day when Johnny Fake went to […]

Coping and Choking in Triathlon and Life

How do I Fit Training Into My Life?

As a Triathlon Coach, it’s not uncommon to hear triathletes at races looking at other athletes and asking “How does that person train so much? How to they fit it all in?”. When asking these questions, however, we rarely stop to think that all of the athletes on the start line are humans, just like […]

Recon & Training Day

How Stress Affects Performance

A good race performance, such as a personal best time over a certain distance, is usually associated with a good training program. What is generally overlooked, and rarely mentioned in any forum, is the role of the athlete’s lifestyle in their achievement. Endurance sport is often seen as a lifestyle rather than a sport. This […]

Fitness Trainer

The Tri Life Balance

A big topic of conversation between athletes and athletes, athletes and coaches, and athletes and their families is the balance between sport and life. As much as many of us would like it to be, life can’t all be about training and competing. Sometimes life requires us to turn our attention to other areas, and […]