How to Place Strength Into a Triathlon Program

At Davey Black Triathlon, every athlete is provided with the opportunity to have all their Swim, Bike, Run, strength and conditioning and Yoga under one roof and all in one very affordable package. Not only is this available to Davey Black Melbourne triathlon club athletes, but also those athletes around the world who join us for the live and interactive S&C and Yoga, available several times per week.

It is both unique and a huge advantage to every athlete to improve race day performance and reduce your risk of injury. It also provides you with 5 different styles of sessions to keep you motivated and continue enjoying your training with a huge variety to choose from each week.

Head Coach Steve Davis says that it is important for him to ensure that every athlete is training as efficiently and safely as possible across all sessions and take into consideration each individuals overall training load. 

As we approach the season proper, we will start to ramp up our training out of a strength and endurance focus and into race day specific training and intensity load. It now becomes even more important to have the correct balance across all disciplines to ensure fitness gains and reduce injury risk.

Our amazing S&C coaches will continue to tailor every session to cater for injury and specific race goals, but in general, we will be following the schedule outlined below to ensure the safest and most efficient S&C program for athletes with a triathlon race season goal focus.

All sessions running outside of the Monday and Wednesday evening S&C will have greater flexibility for the S&C coach to cater to the individuals needs as there is greater time for recovery between sessions.

For the Monday and Wednesday evening sessions, we will be following the below session structure:

5:30, 6:30 & 7:30 classes will focus on the upper body and/or core to keep the legs fresh for Tuesday morning run.

5:30, 6:30 & 7:30 classes will focus on the lower body and/or core to keep the arms fresh for the Thurs morning Swim.

At Davey Black Triathlon, we always complete our strength and conditioning under fatigue to ensure concentration on form and technique. By going into an S&C session under fatigue, it ensures that we do not overdo the exercises and push too much weight or do too many reps which is a sure path to injury. Conversely, we complete our Swim, Bike, and Run as fresh as possible to reduce the risk of injury.

By following this structured program under the Davey Black team of specialised coaches, our athletes gain a huge advantage over other programs that lack the triathlon and individual specificity that we provide for our athletes.

If you would like to add S&C or Yoga to your program or sign up to a triathlon program to improve you race day performance and increase your enjoyment in the sport, then drop us a line through the contact us page.

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