Choosing Triathlon as a Sport


As time moves on, so do the knowledge, skill and technology required for the sport of Triathlon. Triathlon is a journey that begins in a different way for everyone. The main driver and the motivation required is also very individual. The way people approach the sport changes depending on many things, from the initial reason that attracts them to triathlon, to their athletic background that they bring into the sport. By following a few very simple steps, you will be able to get the best out of your journey and get out much more than just fitness and medals from the sport of Triathlon.

Triathlon can be an intimidating sport at first, especially when you start realising that you need to master three separate sports and put them all together as one. One of the most important things to remember is that everyone at the start line was once a beginner at some point in their own triathlon journey. They all went through the same steps and felt the same emotions as you are feeling when beginning your triathlon journey.


Find the reason that moves you into racing. Do you want to lose weight and be fit? Do you want to become a top-level Triathlete and embrace the performance side of the sport? Are you looking for a nice group to be part of and make new friends? Do you want to show yourself that you can do everything you set your mind to? All of these are valid reasons. By being honest with yourself and consistent with your journey, you will get to enjoy your journey much more.


Clubs can be like dating sometimes. Around the Melbourne triathlon club scene you might need to visit different groups to find that one that suits you best. This will mean getting to know numerous perspectives around Triathlon, talking to all kinds of athletes who will have many unique perspectives of the sport. You will find some that will resonate with you and will make you feel comfortable. Same as with your reason, your club will enhance your skills and should take you on that path that brings you to be the athlete you wish to be.


A coach is crucial in your journey. Every coach has their own philosophy, work style and personal journey. Some coaches will emphasize on a more direct way of coaching, some others will focus on finding the athletes interests and move from there. Likewise, some coaches heavily rely on the scientific method to create their programs as others will focus more on a pragmatic, experiential method. Find the coach that suits you best and will take you to where you want to go.


This is a very straightforward step. Signing up for a race, regardless of your main objective, will set you on the way with a goal. It will give you your reason to start training, asking, sharing and understanding the triathlon world and the role it will play in your life. If you are unsure of which race will suit your strengths best, ask your coach to help you choose one based on your strengths, personal schedule, and objectives.


Setting goals doesn’t mean necessarily to focus solely on a race. The race can be the big main objective, but you can also focus on many smaller, easier goals. From learning to swim, to running your first 5K non-stop. It could even be as simple as committing to wake up early every day for a full week. Those small objectives will build their way towards that big race. And by ticking your boxes you learn to become consistent towards your main goal.

Remember, triathlon is a very personal journey. It is not measured on medals, races or PBs. It is measured on what you get from this lifestyle. Being a mental skill, a physical fitness, or even an emotional lesson. Triathlon is a personal journey that can only be measured in your own terms. Whether you decide to build your way up to the world championships or get as many Triathlon friends as possible, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

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