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Why Chasing PB’s can be harmful

Personal best times and distances are a very important part of the sport of triathlon. PB’s are often the reason some athletes seek out a triathlon coach Melbourne or Ireland based, or for online triathlon coaching. In disciplines like swimming, cycling and running, personal best records are subject to all sorts of external conditions. These […]

The Toughest Race in The World

Humans are a very interesting species. Contrary to many other animals, humans are equipped with the capacity of continuous growth and ambition. There is no greater example of this than in sport. When we aim for, and complete a 5km run or Sprint Triathlon, we then aim for the 10km or Standard Distance. If we […]

race Day

Race Day Preparation

When you have been waiting and training for many months for a big event, it is normal to feel all sorts of emotions during last days leading up to the event. Everyone feels a big race differently and the preparation for it brings all sorts of very personal emotions. The week leading up to the […]

Breaking Through the Pain Barrier

If you have ever been in a competitive race, fun run, or even a training run, then undoubtedly, you have probably felt the urge to stop or relax. The big question on our mind, however, is what makes us keep going? What gioves us the motivation to push harder when all of our body is […]

Triathlon Race Day Tips

Triathlon Race Day Tips

The moment we have been waiting for so long through lockdown is finally here! After long time training hard, doing online S&C sessions, meeting in groups of 2, isolating and wind trainers, we are back doing what we love most. Triathlon racing! The objective of this blog is to give you a small welcome back […]

Age Is No Barrier

Age Is No Barrier

We have all been in a scenario when someone is telling a story about their amazing race, adventures to different parts of the world and their non-stop zest for life. Then someone will generally chime in with “I’d love to do that, but I’m just too old these days.” In todays blog, Coach and Mental […]

Calf Tightness in Triathletes

Calf Tightness in Triathletes

We are fast approaching the business end of the Melbourne Half Ironman Training Program. Now is a good time to take a look at how bringing new people into the sport of triathlon and pushing established athletes to improve, can lead to the age old issue of calf tightness. The ultimate goal is to develop […]

The Four Pillars of Success

The Four Pillars of Success

When engaging in a new activity, most people quickly come across another like-minded person who is a master within the activity group or team. They see this master as a shining light who aces every single task. Whatever the master does is a complete success, they seem unstoppable. It is easy to conclude that this […]


The Craziest Marathon in History

Every Marathon that is run anywhere around the world is a special event for a multitude of reasons. Just the distance, in its own right, is enough to make many of us cringe at the effort required just to finish the race. To compete at the Olympic level requires grit and determination that is only […]

Davey Black Triathlon

Meditating with Triathlon

In our blogs, we often talk about the many benefits the three sports that create triathlon have over our bodies and minds. We have touched on how training helps individuals cope with mental health issues. We know that it increases the body’s immune system and tissue regeneration. The social aspect and the benefits of introducing […]