Changing Your Community Through the Extraordinary

Changing Your Community Through the Extraordinary

If you have ever tried something extraordinary, you will relate to being observed by those close to you. If you have ever set yourself to complete a PhD, opened a new business or created a family, you may recall the comments made around you. There may have been the questioning, advising, and even judging of […]

6 Steps to Coping with Injury

Invisible Training

The concept of invisible training has been popularised over the last couple of decades, but it has always been there, unconsciously being used by many athletes. Invisible training is defined by the optimisation of your training by becoming vigilant of small details that help you recover and enhance your body’s response to training. These small […]

Ironman Training

4 Steps to Perfecting Imperfection

There is no such thing as the perfect day. Take a moment to imagine your perfect race. That race we all strive for where everything clicks without any issues at all. Think about waking up just before your alarm is set to go off, and your body feels full of energy. Your preparation has been […]

Are You Race Ready?

Triathlon has the great quality of being accessible to so many people regardless of age, gender or ability. Whether you are racing in your age group at the full distance or you are doing your first Fun Tri, there is a place for you to call home. For every athlete, each race comes with its […]