What is the Melbourne Triathlon League?

Melbourne Triathlon Training Club
Melbourne Triathlon league
A triathlon training option for all Melbourne triathletes from all Melbourne triathlon clubs to meet up, train and have fun

The Melbourne Triathlon training club League was established in 2018 to provide a free training option for any local triathletes. The only caveat is that you have to be a registered member with Triathlon Victoria or visiting athletes must be registered with any of the other Triathlon Australia state bodies.

The idea of the Melbourne Triathlon League was born to provide regular training options for local athletes during the long, cold, wet winter months.

During the off season it can be a daunting task to roll out of bed in the dark and get on your bike, swim laps, head out into the open water or run long slow endurance miles all on your own. So the Melbourne Triathlon League created a friendly and inviting group atmosphere for athletes of all levels of ability to meet up and do these session together.

By joining together and training as one group, triathletes from all Tri Vic affiliated tri clubs can find motivation, safety and a good coffee spot at each session. Within the group you are sure to find someone to help push you along, someone training for the same event as you, someone who lives close by that you can car pool to races with. The Melbourne Triathlon League doesn’t provide the answers, it simply provides the opportunities.

The open water swimming sessions provide safe and easily accessible places to swim, high visibility swim caps, a spotter on a SUP in the water at all times, and flashing lights for each swimmer so they are easily seen at all times.

The long group rides alternate between the Dandenong Hills, Kinglake, Mornington and Beach Road. Every athlete of any ability will be able to find other athletes within the group that will ride the distances that meet their needs. Coaches and Road Captains ensure that everyone is accounted for and that everyone in the group is riding safely and at a suitable pace. There are planned stopping points where individuals within the smaller groups can stop and regather.

There are also bike Time Trials where each athlete races the clock. These sessions provide excellent triathlon training club Melbourne data and a solid hit-out for your weekly higher intensity ride.

Longer trail runs get athletes out of the city and into the fresh air. These sessions are mapped out well in advance and are easy to follow. There are designated regrouping spots so that everyone can be accounted for and stop for snacks.

The handicapped run events are a great way to race to your best ability. You will be pushed along knowing that you have someone in front of you to chase and that there is someone chasing you down from behind. These events also take place in iconic and interesting parts of Melbourne.

All of these events are made possible and overseen by Head Coach of Davey Black Triathlon Club & Triathlon Australia Performance Coach Steve Davis.

The Melbourne Triathlon League put these events on regularly so be sure to link up on Instagram @melb_triathlon_league and on Facebook @MelbourneTriathlonLeague to keep yourself up to date with their next big event.

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