Time to lock it down and stay home

The time has come. As a society, most of us have done our best to stay safe and responsible over the last few weeks to slow the spread of the COVID-19 Virus. Because of Coach Steve’s background as a Microbiologist, the Davey Black Tri Club has always taken it a step further than recommended each time to ensure strict physical distancing at every session at all times.

The government last night set out some even stricter guidelines, but these measures are just delaying the inevitable as our health system starts to feel the force of the wave that is about to wash up on the shores of Australia.

Now is the time to do the most that we can do. By now we have all adapted to taking things online and doing the best we can with what we have. So now, I feel it is the appropriate time to take the most extreme measures and leave our houses as infrequently as possible.

You must at all times follow, or surpass, the government guidelines, but I will detail below how you can do your bit to take the pressure off the health system.

  1. Don’t be selfish and bulk buy everything you can see, but when you go to the shops, buy enough to last you for a few days so you have to go to the shops less often.
  2. If you don’t need it, don’t do it. Small businesses are being shut down bit by bit and it is only a matter of days before even the takeaway options are shut down, along with all other non-essential businesses. I am a strong advocate for supporting small business, but find a different way to support them. But a voucher and use it when this is over. Don’t go out and stand in line with 50 other people waiting for a coffee so you can hand over your $4 thinking that you are helping. Small business is in deep shit, and $4 isn’t going to help. If all 50 of you buy a $40 voucher for use when this is over, then at least that will help them pay this months rent. Buy a coffee machine.
  3. Keep training online. There are loads of online fitness options available through Davey Black Sports Performance. These will allow you to train and also stay connected as you can see and chat to each other while you are online in the class.
    There will also be some more options added this week to our online schedule. There will be Zwift group rides and also some Fitness Studio online spin classes.
  4. I also encourage you to get out of the house and exercise at least once a day. Head out away from the crowds and do your activity safely and keep away from all others who are out doing the same thing. Tell someone you know where you are going and give them a time for when you will return.
  5. Stay connected. Make sure you reach out and chat to someone every day. Use the Davey Black social media groups and Whats App groups to check in on each other. Call your family. Call your elderly neighbours. Be apart, but stay connected.

So what does this mean for Davey Black Triathlon Club training sessions?

Coach Steve will be adding a box into Training Peaks tonight for you to discuss how you want to approach the next few weeks. There are some steps that Coach Steve and the rest of the Davey Black Coaches will be taking to ensure everyone stays safe, fit and healthy through the next few weeks.


Tuesday 6am online swim specific and upper body S&C

Wednesday 6-7pm & Friday 7-8am. Coach Steve will be at Elwood Sailing Club standing on the end of the boat ramp rocks and Coach Andrea will be 200m down on the beach. Message Coach Steve via What’s App that you are going to be in the water, then wave to him before you enter. They will keep an eye on you as long as you swim in the designated zone set out below. You must not swim past Coach Andrea, or past the boat ramp if you want to be watched at all times. Do not stop and chat to each other or group together. This is designed to be a solo swim, but under supervision for your safety.


Monday 6am & 7am there will be online Spin classes. You can sign up via the bookings page. There will also be a Zwift group ride. Follow @Davey Black to get into the virtual group ride.

Wednesday 6am there will be a Zwift ride. 7am there will be an online Spin class.

Saturday 7am there will be online Spin class and a long group Zwift ride.

I strongly recommend staying indoors. Just Pedal still have cheap Wind Trainers available. If you do have to ride outdoors, please be careful. Now more than ever, a hospital is the last place you want to end up. Please feel free to Whats App message Coach Steve when you leave for your ride with a map route and estimated return time. Then please message again at the turning point and once you have returned safely.


Running is the hardest session to complete under supervision while maintaining the required measures to stay isolated. Even if we had coaches on bikes it would not be the best idea in the current climate. I will continue to write your running programs into Training Peaks, and specific Ironman training plan for those with races still scheduled. I feel it is the safest option to just get out and complete these sessions on your own and away from popular running destinations. For this reason there will be no meeting point or coach supervision, but you are always welcome to call in before your session.

Please feel free to Whats App message Coach Steve when you leave for your run with a map route and estimated return time. Then please message again once you have returned safely.


So there we have it team. This is how training will look for the next few weeks until we get any further updates that surpass our strict measures outlined above. It’s going to be weird, but let’s just make the most of what we have. Soon enough the pressures will ease off and some of the physical distancing measures will start to be lifted and we can get back to a more regular looking schedule. This won’t last forever, and the more strict we are about it now, the quicker we can return to normal.

Please call or email any time if you have any questions.

Stay fit, stay safe & stay connected.

Coach Steve

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