Is Davey Black the Best Triathlon Training Club in Melbourne?

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Best  Triathlon Training Club

The Davey Black Triathlon Club is the most unique triathlon club in Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, Ireland and they also provide online training program options if you are located anywhere else in the world.

What sets Davey Black Triathlon apart as the greatest triathlon training club in Melbourne is our ability to offer every Melbourne based athlete the complete triathlon training experience. We provide pool and open water swimming, road and velodrome cycling, road, trail and ultra-running, strength and conditioning, yoga, mobility, and recovery sessions to every athlete all in one neat membership package.

Our coaches in all parts of the world are hand-picked to be the best at what they do. They provide simple, no-nonsense training and advice. They are highly experienced and they are leaders in their respective fields.

Our triathlon training club Melbourne is directed by Triathlon Australia Performance Coach Steve Davis. Steve has a very hands-on role, taking 13 face to face sessions each week. He utilises the Training Peaks online training platform to track and follow the fitness improvements of every one of his athletes. Because of this high-level contact and interaction, he knows his athletes in depth. He can provide each individual with all the information and direction they need to develop into better athletes while maintaining their overall health and fitness. Coming from a corporate world background in science, and being the father of three young boys, he is also keenly aware of the difficulties of fitting training around work and family life.

This season, Steve has brought in Triathlon coaching Melbourne Development Coach Nestor Rivera. Nestor is a qualified fitness instructor, mental health expert and has been a high-level athlete for many years. Nestor’s knowledge and experience as an athlete, coach, mental health and fitness expert is showing to be greatly valued by the athletes in out triathlon training club in Melbourne.

Davey Black Triathlon training club in Melbourne stands out because of its unique set up. The club has its own private strength and conditioning, mobility, yoga and recovery studio that all triathlon members and the local community can utlise.

Our studio coaches are all highly experienced both inside the gym and out on the training track, all having achieved great success in their chosen sports.

Strength and Conditioning Coach and TRIactive Triathlon Coach Louise Hodgins has been putting our triathletes through their paces in the studio for the last 2 years. Louise joined us for our inaugural year in 2017 and has set the standard for athlete S&C for triathletes. Louise is a multiple Marathon and Ironman finisher so she knows how endurance and multi-sport affects the body, and has been a huge influence on the success of our triathlon training club Melbourne.

Strength, Mobility & Movement Coach and Junior Development Coach Andrew Garwood has spent the last 10 years mastering his fitness and performance development skills. With a sporting background that includes Triathlon, Running, AFL Umpiring and high level cricket. Andrew has an in depth understanding of human movement patterns and how they relate to sport. Andrew specialises in the safe and effective development of junior sporting performance and will be the cornerstone of our Junior triathlon training club in Melbourne.

Group Fitness and Strength and Conditioning Coach Catalina Castano has joined our triathlon training club in Melbourne after honing her skills as a corporate fitness manager and personal trainer. Catalina has a strong nutrition background and her sporting background is in collegiate Ultimate Frisbee.

As well as everything we offer as a triathlon training club in Melbourne, Australia and around the world, we pride ourselves on getting to know each athlete. We gather an understanding of every individuals goals and the challenges each individual faces each day. We take this information and we develop programs and pathways that provide simple, efficient and healthy outcomes.

All new members get a free week of training, so jump in and try us out. Find out for yourself if Davey Black Triathlon really is the best triathlon training club in Melbourne!

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