Christmas Gift Ideas from a Triathlon Coach

With Christmas just around the corner, Coach Nestor Rivera sets out his list of what triathletes really want for Christmas!

The thought of what to give a Triathlete might be coming to your mind right now. The idea of what to give a triathlete might be complicated due to the wide variety of gifts and options that usually come across your path. In today’s blog, we will explore a few options for your special one.

To start, the good news is that you have 3 different sports to explore, that way you will never run out of ideas when choosing what to give. The other good news is that you don’t necessarily need to focus specifically on the triathlete’s journey, most of the gifts can be as useful for the one preparing their first Sprint Triathlon as for that veteran who is aiming for their tenth Ironman.

Without further introduction, we bring, the perfect list of ideas a for Triathlon christmas:

A New TT Bike

Who doesn’t want a new Time Trial bike, there isn’t much to say on this side aside from making sure that it is the size that your special person wants.

Running Shoes

Same as the TT Bike, who wouldn’t appreciate a new pair of running shoes. Triathletes generally wear thier shoes out far too long, so a new pair may help to prevent injury as well as increase comfort.

Smart Watch

If you really want to surprise your athlete, a new smartwatch will do the trick. With many interesting and accurate apps and gadgets, a Smartwatch will work 100% of the times. Make sure that this works specifically for the sport they practice.

Indoor Trainer

One of those adult-toys that will be enjoyed for hours and hours, especially during the winter season. The indoor trainer will be of big help for the busy athlete or for that one who trains at odd hours.

Sign Up

Every triathlete has a big race in mind, by signing them up for the next big event you will be giving them that so much needed push to embark on their fitness journey.

A Trisuit/Wetsuit

This is something that is always needed and desired. It doesn’t matter if your especial athlete has a brand new Tri suit or if it looks more like a parachute dragging on the street than an actual competition suit, getting a new one especially if it is their club colours, will be highly appreciated.

Competition Socks

This one might be expected, with the big difference that for this gift, you would be looking for race specific socks. Considering the use they get, it is not unrealistic to think that competition socks will be used quite a lot.

Hydration and Nutrition

The perfect gift as this is a thing that will keep running out, especially on the weeks leading for a big race. Be sure to ask what is the brand your loved one uses, as everyone has their own personal taste.

Race Belt

This is one of those small gifts that somehow seem to always get lost. A simple, perfect gift that will always come in handy when races come. Triathletes tend to forget about this one, so there will always be a need for a race belt.

Protein Supplement

The perfect nutritional gift, healthy, nice and the perfect combination after a particularly tough swim session, a long ride/run or an intense strength and conditioning session. You can buy Davey Black Sports Performance Protein that is Lactose Free, Vegano r regular. Shop here.  This is a gift that tends to run out very quickly, so maybe a subscription may be a Good gift idea.

Puncture Kit

The perfect gift for those who are more into cycling. The perfect puncture kit should come with at least Spare tubes, a pump and/or CO2 cartridges, and tyre levers.

Recovery Vouchers

Contact your trusted club recovery specialists and ask them about any gift coupon. You can find the Davey Black team here. Not only perfect to recover but also to prevent injuries.

Bike Lights

You might not notice it much during summer, but during winter this is needed almost every single day. A good set front and rear lights not only shows your appreciation towards your loved athlete, it can also  keep them safe.

Foam Roller

This element that should be used by absolutely everyone is a must-have for every triathlete around. With some pressure you will be taking most of the soreness off from the day to day training.

Massage Gun

Think of it as your personal portable therapist. It helps improve the muscle tension, allows for a better blood circulation and prevents injuries in the long run.

Coaching Program

The gift of coaching. Improve the performance of your athlete by including certified and experienced coaches. That way your athlete will have the best experience by getting the support of a personalised and specific triathlon program, a team and a coach looking out for their wellbeing. The Davey Black Triathlon coaches provide both fase to fase abd online training program options.

Transition Bag

A perfect gift for the every day athlete who wants to have everything.

Medal Hanger

Is your athlete a veteran who has raced multiple  events? Then be sure to give them a medal hanger to ensure that their medals are there to shine and not hidden in the closet.

The Small Essentials

Athletes have that list of small essential that might not feel like much, but can safe their race and maybe their skin, both metaphorically and literally. This small set of essential include: Vaseline, body glide, band aids, anti-fog for goggles, bike repair kit, shoe elastic laces.


The gift of knowledge, from autobiographies to cooking recipes, the list is endless for the amount of books that you can share with your loved one. It is hard to miss when looking here as mostly anything can be helpful.

If you have any other gift you’d like to share with your athlete, be sure to comment or write your thoughts and we can include them in a future blog.

Last but most important, Merry Christmas from everyone at Davey Black Triathlon and Davey Black Sports Performance.

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