Changing Your Community Through the Extraordinary

Changing Your Community Through the Extraordinary

If you have ever tried something extraordinary, you will relate to being observed by those close to you. If you have ever set yourself to complete a PhD, opened a new business or created a family, you may recall the comments made around you. There may have been the questioning, advising, and even judging of your behaviour. Starting a new fitness goal, such as a triathlon, is no different. This type of sporting challenge is the perfect scenario where this situation occurs. Those people who surround you will provide all sorts of comments and feedback, most of the times based on scepticism, fear or worry. Their objective is not to stop you or diminish your challenge. Although their methods might not seem helpful, they do this subconsciously to help you stay safe. This is where your strong mindset and relentless determination to achieve your goal kicks in. Your objective is to show how great someone can be and to open the door for those around you that will give them their first push to build their own path to greatness.

The bigger the challenge, the greater the reward and Triathlon is certainly a perfect example of this. Doing a Triathlon is not limited to being fit, going the distance or winning a race. It has a much deeper meaning associated with how we see ourselves as humans. Completing a triathlon, as well as every big challenge you set your mind to, has a connection to increasing confidence, improving your self-image and your sense of self-worth. Triathlon becomes a physical symbol of the greatness you have within, giving you a place to show the world how far they can go if they set themselves to do something. The more difficult the obstacle, the more eyes you will have around you.

When you get into an extraordinary program to achieve your objectives, you might feel that you are being judged, but that also means that you are being observed. Secretly hiding behind those comments, be they positive or negative, there is also someone following in your footsteps, secretly cheering for you. They are hoping for you to succeed so that they themselves will have the motivation needed to give them their first step towards their own challenge. Every achievement you obtain will be the emotional fuel someone else needs to give it a go. This person can be anyone, from a complete stranger that scrolled past your social media page, to a very close family member.

If you put this into perspective, this means that even when racing and competing only against yourself, your success will shape the community around you. When you complete a difficult challenge, you will bring pride to your community. Discipline and dreams can join together so that there is no such thing as impossible. Your family, friends, associates and even complete strangers will see your achievements, receive the message that you are transmitting through your effort and little by little, start their own path based on what you have done. Your achievements will become the seeds for future great athletes.

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