Tri Vic Zwift Race Series

Tri Vic Zwift Race Series

Hi Team,
This is just a quick post to let you all know how to sign up to the Tri Vic Zwift Race Series for our triathlon coaching Melbourne athletes.

Triathlon Victoria have created an exciting and unique Club v’s Club virtual race series to be run via the Zwift platform. It will consist of 6 events run every 2 weeks and will include 3 individual TT’s and 3 road races.

It would be great if every member could jump in and get involved for the fun and the truely unique experience. It’s going to be a very big series with plenty of competition and a chance to race together as a club (we can even wear the same kit). So far there are 26 clubs registered across Victoria, so there will be plenty of chances to see you r mates and send them a thumbs up!

Everyone who races earns points for the club, with bonus points earned for feats of excellence. So wether you are a seasoned Zwifter or a pure beginner, your participation on race day will help our club.

The first race is this Saturday 5th Sept and will be a 20.4km Individual Time Trial on the ‘Fan Flats’ Richmond, Virginia course. 

We will be hosting a Google Hangouts session at 8pm tomorrow night to help anyone who is having any trouble with the registration process. You can sign up to the Google Hangout here.

In the mean time, please step your way through the following process so that you’ll be ready to go on race day:

1) Ensure that your Triathlon Australia membership is current and paid up.
2) Ensure that your primary club is Davey Black Triathlon. You can email if you need to update this.
3) You can use a Smart Trainer OR a Dumb Trainer (normal wind trainer) with power meter or speed/cadence sensors.
4) You need to be signed up to Zwift, the Zwift Companion Phone App AND Zwift Power. Here is a very useful document to help you with the Zwift Power sign up process: Connecting to Zwift Power.
5) You’ll need to edit your Zwift Power Profile via settings and place our squad/club acronym (DBT) in brackets AFTER your surname. Tri Vic will use this to identify you in the results.
6) Once on you have signed up to Zwift Power, you’ll need to join the Triathlon Victoria (Trivic) team page here
7) The event will be live on the Zwift Companion App in the next 2 days, so you’ll get a note from Coach Steve in the Whats App group so you can sign up to the race.

If you have no intention of renewing your Tri Vic membership, then you CAN STILL RACE and enjoy the experience. It just means that you’ll not earn any points for the club.

If you have any questions or get stuck, please note down your questions and have them ready for Thursday night’s Google Hangout session.

This is going to be an amazing experience, so please jump on board and race for your team, Davey Black Triathlon!

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