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Davey Black is not a person. There is no-one named Davey. There is no Mr or Mrs Black.

Davey Black was born as a concept. It was an idea to combine high quality triathlon coaching and squad training with strength and conditioning, mobility, recovery, physiotherapy and yoga.

The idea came about when Triathlon Performance Coach Steve Davis decided he wanted to offer more to his triathlon squad athletes. He knew that swim, bike and run gains aren’t all made by swimming, cycling and running. He knew that success and longevity in any sport comes with the correct combination of specific training combined with strength, mobility and recovery.

It’s no secret that strength and conditioning, yoga, mobility training and recovery techniques are a key part of any high level athletes training week. Until now, this style of holistic training was only available to high level athletes through institutions such as the AIS, or you had to fork out for individual memberships for your triathlon coaching, a strength and conditioning gym, a Yoga Studio and a recovery centre.

Now with the expansion of Davey Black Fitness Studio Melbourne, you can get all of your triathlon coaching, squad training, S&C, Yoga, Physiotherapy and recovery under the same roof.

For beginner athletes this means that you get the opportunity to build slowly into a training plan, ensuring that you are strong and robust enough to cope with the training load. Wether it is from Couch to 5km running, or your first ever triathlon. The Davey Black Fitness Studio Melbourne will make sure that you are fit enough and strong enough to get to the start line, and to complete your chosen fitness challenge in the best shape you can be in.

For Juniors and age group athletes, the Fitness Studio provides a foundation for you to build your training load and start training harder and faster in the knowledge that you will have the chance to recover and be kept robust enough to maintain your training at the next level.

For athletes with World Championship, State Level or Representative aspirations, the Fitness Studio Melbourne is your home to strengthen, condition, mobilise, stretch, foam roll and do yoga to unwind. We will ensure that your body is in top shape for the training stress that is needed to train and race in your best shape and keep your risk of injury to a minimum.

The highly experienced Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Fitness Coaches and Triathlon Coaches at Davey Black are all currently, or have been, high level athletes in their own right. Their level of knowledge and experience around sports specific functional fitness is second to none. The fact that they are all under the same roof working for you to make you a better athlete is what makes Davey Black Fitness Studio Melbourne such a unique and important key to your athletic success.

To check out the studio or the memberships on offer, head to the Fitness Studio Melbourne website and have a browse.

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