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Noosa Course Review

Noosa Triathlon and Multi-sport Festival is now the biggest Standard Distance triathlon in the world. Not only that, but over the course of the 5 day festival, there are also Fun Runs, Run/Swim/Run, Tour De Noosa Ride, the Titan Noosa 1000m Ocean Swim, a Kids Triathlon, the Legends Triathlon, the 5km Asics Bolt Run and […]

Injuries Associated With Cycling

Does Your Bike Fit You?

Knee pain is one of the most common injuries associated with cycling. This is largely due to the repetitive nature of cycling and the compressive forces associated with a poorly fitted bike fit. A poor bike fit or even a change in equipment (shoes, cleats, saddle, etc.) can increase the amount of compressive force the […]

Davey Black Triathlon Coach

Triathlon Coaching in Ireland

As Davey Black Triathlon Coach Padraig Purcell starts his transition from Triathlete to Tri Coach, we take a moment to look back on Paudie’s first ever Ironman race way back in 2012. “After driving from Cork, Ireland with my wife Gill and my daughter Sophie, I arrived in Frankfurt on Friday evening the 5th of July.  […]

Triathlon World Champion

Chrissie Straw – World Champs 2019

Chrissie Straw allows us inside the mind of an athlete heading into the race of their lives under an injury cloud. Such an amazing and inspirational story unfolded in the weeks leading up to and including race day at the ITU Triathlon World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. “Having no idea of how my body would […]

Triathlon World Championship

Andrew Finney at the Triathlon World Championships, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Get inside the head of a full time worker, parent and part time triathlete as Davey Black Triathlon Club member Andrew Finney recounts his lead up and race at the 2019 ITU Age Group World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. “There’s nothing like the feeling on the morning of a triathlon… there are so many unknowns. […]

General Nutrition Plan

General Nutrition for Athletes

Performance Coach Steve Davis, has a minor in Nutrition and a Diploma in Sports Nutrition. He has written this nutrition summary to help guide athletes in their choices, and provide a base for them to dig deeper and learn more about what suits their own specific needs. If you would like to know more about […]

jogging track

Slow Down to Run Faster

The long run is the key base endurance session in any weekly endurance training program. It doesn’t matter if you’re training for Sprint Distance or Ironman, it is necessary to maintain your run endurance throughout the whole season with a weekly long run. Being the key endurance session it is important to know how fast […]

Swimming Courses

Davey Black Triathlon

One of the reasons that the Davey Black Triathlon Club Melbourne is so successful is because of the hard work and dedication of Performance Coach Steve Davis, Irish Club Coach Padraig Purcell and Sunshine Coast Club Coaches Alex Polizzi and Amelia Rose-Watkinson. The time and effort these coaches put into every one of their athletes […]


Sports Performance Centre

Davey Black is not a person. There is no-one named Davey. There is no Mr or Mrs Black. Davey Black was born as a concept. It was an idea to combine high quality triathlon coaching and squad training with strength and conditioning, mobility, recovery, physiotherapy and yoga. The idea came about when Triathlon Performance Coach […]

Ironman Training

Finding the right Ironman Training Plan

Training for an Ironman is not easy. It’s not just the physical training that is hard. There is also the mental aspect of putting all of your eggs into one basket and training so long for one shot at huge race. Then there are the time issues of trying to fit in all the training […]