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Finding Happiness in Fitness

One of the most interesting effects of physical activity is one related to the connection between physical activity and the mind. The human mind, as defined by the Psychological dictionary is “the centre of thought, emotion, and behaviour, mediating both consciously and unconsciously the body’s responses to social and physical environment.” The fact that each […]

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The Performance Factor

By Behavioural & Mental Health Counsellor – Alejandro Nestor Rivera Triathlon is a sport that requires a high level of time and dedication. It is often seen at a community level as an activity performed by only elite athletes or professionals. Little is mentioned about the age groupers and thier dedication to performance. The fact […]

Coping and Choking in Triathlon and Life

Coping and Choking in Triathlon and Life

Davey Black Sports Performance Behavioural & Mental Health Counsellor, Alejandro Nestor Rivera, speaks about the importance of your relationship with these two “c” words. Feeling the pressure that a situation creates is one of the most common feelings that you will face in real life. Some of us will feel it when running our first […]

The Importance of Staying Connected

The Importance of Staying Connected

Due to the current situation that we, and the rest of the world, is living in, we have had to adapt quickly to the idea and daily grind of training in isolation. Athletes and triathlon Coach alike have moved from group rides to solo or online rides. Our Park Runs and track sessions with a […]

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Time to lock it down and stay home

The time has come. As a society, most of us have done our best to stay safe and responsible over the last few weeks to slow the spread of the COVID-19 Virus. Because of Coach Steve’s background as a Microbiologist, the Davey Black Tri Club has always taken it a step further than recommended each […]

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Performance Coach Steve Davis on Training Through this Pandemic

Performance Triathlon Coach Steve Davis has a Degree in Science, majoring in Microbiology, and worked for 10 years a microbiologist before becoming a full time Triathlon Coach. Here, Coach Steve shares his tips on safe, and socially responsible triathlon training safety guidelines. We are in uncharted territory right now, but the one thing that I […]

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Performance Coach Steve Davis on How to Refocus through COVID-19

I am writing this to you all to give you an overview of the current COVID-19 situation, what we at Davey Black are currently doing, and what we plan to do going forward. As we have seen, there is a lot of uncertainty around what the final outcome of the COVID-19 virus pandemic will be. As […]

Davey Black Tri Club (Ireland) Constitution

Name and Colours – The name of the Club shall be Davey Black Triathlon Club (Ireland). The Club’s colours shall be black, pink and green 2. Definitions AGM Annual General Meeting Club Davey Black Triathlon Club (Ireland) Coach Where specified refers to any individual, including teachers, involved in the practice of teaching and coaching any […]

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Holiday in the Home of Ironman Triathlon

Coach Karlyn Pipes lives in Kona, Hawaii but travels a great deal teaching Faster Freestyle Workshops around the world. From April 8th until approximately May 11th, Karlyn will be on tour offering workshops in New York, Wisconsin and South America. Karlyn is seeking a couple, a couple with one child, or two friends to sublet her […]