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Training With Performance Coach


Making you a faster athleteAt Davey Black Triathlon Club and Fitness Studio we deliver you to the start line in the best physical and mental shape possible. We do this by utilising our strength and conditioning sessions in our very own fitness studio. Our tight knit, supportive group of coaches and athletes help to build […]

Triathlon Fitness Training


GOOD FRIDAY 3k – OPEN WATER SWIMThe inaugural Good Friday 3K Open Water Swim; Meeting at Elwood SLSC at 6:30am Good Friday morning for a 7am swim start as the sun rises. Swimmers will follow the yellow boat markers from Elwood to Brighton and return, with the option of turning earlier if you would like to swim the […]

Swim Technique Courses


SWIM TECHNIQUE COURSES Performance Coach Steve will be running several Swim Technique Courses starting Thurs 26th April at MSACUtilising photo and video analysis from above and underwater with slow motion and easy to see movement pattern changes, you will develop improved efficiency, reduced risk of injury and be able to swim faster for longer.All levels of […]

Five easy and quick lunchbox swaps to get you eating healthy and fit forever

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