Given the worsening situation, Coach Steve will be implementing new rules that we MUST adhere to in order to continue training outdoors under supervision. Triathlon group training will continue as per the online schedule but with some very stringent conditions that go above and beyond the current government guidelines.

All of our S&C and Yoga sessions have now moved online only. There are also videos being produced currently to complete in your own time if you are unable to log in to live training. Follow the DAVEY BLACK YOU TUBE CHANNEL channel to get all the latest videos.

With our pool closing, we will be adding a swim specific S&C session on a Tuesday morning at 6am. Sign up as usual here: and you will receive a link to the live online session.

Wednesday evening 6:30pm will be an additional Open Water Swim to complement our 7am Friday morning Open Water Sessions – Note the time change to 7am to allow for more light while we have to swim further apart from each other.

For safety, there will be 2 Triathlon Coaches at all open water sessions. If you want to complete a supervised swim, you must meet at the time and location as advertised to get signed in by a coach. You MUST NOT be any closer than 3m to anyone else at any time. Yes, that’s correct, 3m. A car should be able to drive between you and anyone else at any time. If you cannot get your wetsuit done up by yourself, then practice, or get someone in your household to do it up for you before you arrive. If you are unable to do it up at the session, then you can swim without a wetsuit, or you can go for a solo run. There will be ZERO PHYSICAL INTERACTION between any athletes or coaches.

Keys need to be secured individually as no communal key bucket will be made available.

Once signed in to the session, you will be sent off in pairs, 5 meters apart and with a 30sec gap before the next pair. This will be graded so faster swimmers leave first so no bunching occurs.

Given the physics around riding in a group, there will be no bunch riding. A Triathlon Coach will be at the meeting point for you to get instructions from. I recommend that when you arrive you park leaving one parking bay between you to get the idea of physical isolation from the start. You must maintain a 3m gap between all athletes and coaches at all time. Never touch another persons bike or equipment for any reason.

Once you are ready to start, you will be sent off individually with a 20sec gap between riders graded with the faster riders going first. If there is the need to stop for lights etc, it is expected that you maintain the 3m gap at all times.

As always there will be solo Wind Trainer options. As of next week, there will also be a Davey Black group ride on Zwift. Follow @Davey Black to stay in touch on Zwift.
You can download Zwift here: and Zwift companion here:
The cost to subscribe to Zwift $USD15 per month, so it’s completely up to you if you want to join it or not. It is not at all compulsory.

Tuesday and Thursday run sessions will continue, but again with a strict 3m gap being maintained between athletes at all times. Remember that a car should be able to safely drive between you and anyone else around you.

Your Triathlon Coach will not be carrying keys, bottles or jackets for anyone, so please consider your options around personal items. There will be a central point to leave bikes and bags that will be watched by someone at all times.

As with the other sessions, we will be running staggered to avoid becoming closer than 3m apart at any time. All sessions will be designed by Coach Steve to minimise contact with other groups and clubs and to ensure that it is very easy to maintain a 3m gap between athletes.

It is the responsibility of each one of you to ensure that these measures, as well as all other physical distancing measures currently in place, are adhered to. Our health systems are on the brink of a potential disaster, and it is in your best interest to do more that you think you should. Do more than you are told to do. Be ahead of the game and educate people who are not.

If any individual from our group, or from the general public, infringes on physical distancing protocol, now is your time to be a hero and call them out. Do it politely and offer it as a learning moment. But we need to take this very seriously and it is up each one of us to help.

I still encourage you to attend 3m Group Training just to get out of the house and see some smiling faces, but for the the sake of our health system and those who work in it, I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep the 3m rule at all times, and stay home if you are feeling sick or think you may have contracted the virus in any way. Our Coaches will be very strict about this.

This is an unbelievable time we are living through right now. Stay safe, stay positive and stay healthy. We will get through this, apart, but united!

Our training schedule can be found here:

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