Performance Coach Steve Davis on How to Refocus through COVID-19

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I am writing this to you all to give you an overview of the current COVID-19 situation, what we at Davey Black are currently doing, and what we plan to do going forward.

As we have seen, there is a lot of uncertainty around what the final outcome of the COVID-19 virus pandemic will be. As long as we all listen to credible media sources, practice measures that the medical and government agencies put in place and take care of each other, then we can help to minimise the impact that this pandemic will cause.

At Davey Black, we have already enacted our Social Responsibility Plan where we had introduced the idea of social distancing.
Since writing this plan, the medical advice has been updated to include parameters around recommended social distancing, and the Department of Health guidelines can be found here:
The most important thing to keep in mind through this is our own mental and physical health.

The Coaches at Davey Black have every member of staff, every athlete and all the families of each of you in mind while we move to keep your health and fitness front of mind.
We understand the frustration that event cancellations have caused. We highly recommend that you speak to your coach should you have any specific questions. At this stage, Coach Steve suggests that we all look forward with a positive mindset. We have already shifted some goalposts, and we may have to shift some more in the future – but this can be a good thing!

If you still have a goal race that has not yet been affected, then continue to follow your half ironman training plan or ironman training plan. Train every session as you would any other day and get to your race in the best possible condition that you can.

If you are now resetting your season due to cancelled races, then take this time to:
– Reflect on your goals for the future.
– Get into the S&C studio and Yoga studio and work on your weaknesses – or follow the videos that we will be putting out in the next week from the comfort of your own home.
– Coach Steve will be planning some fun and exciting training locations for long rides and long runs to get you out of the rat race and into the amazing countryside. We will be looking specifically at heading to some fire affected ares of Victoria to get in and help boost the local economies there who must be absolutely ravaged at this stage.
– Enjoy the downtime and easy training loads. Come along and support your mates who are still in quality training mode and looking for encouragement to help them through.
This virus will infect and affect a lot of people. To help you minimise the impact and reduce the duration of the symptoms, it is imperative that you keep yourself fit and healthy.
– Get out into the fresh air and sunshine. Both of these things kill the virus and are in abundance to us if we get out into the open air and tick off our daily sessions.
– Use this time to work on your swimming technique knowing that the chlorine is a highly effective disinfectant.Use training as a chance to socialise with others while maintaining a safe distance.
– Look at your diet. Not only for the sake of your training, but your overall health. Our in-house Clinical Dietician Melissa’s Laity is offering all Davey Black Members 10% off their nutritional consults and even has a Skype Consult option to make life even easier for you. Read Melissa’s article on how to help your immune system via your diet here: 
Our local businesses employ locals. They need our support to help keep them stay viable enough to continue to pay their rent and their staff.

Please shop local at every chance you get. Don’t go out and buy enough to survive the apocalypse, be socially responsible, and buy enough to get you though a few days. There will not be shortage of supplies of anything in our amazingly lucky country, so please think of others when you do your shopping.

I can’t stress enough how much our local small businesses are going to need our support. Our list of amazing local businesses who bend over backwards for our club can be accessed via the link below, so please head out and shop where you can through these guys:
We live in a very lucky world, despite what is currently happening. Just to have fresh running water and a fully functional health system available to everyone is the luckiest thing that has potentially ever happened to you.

Look after your family, friends and neighbours. Check in and make sure this situation isn’t getting too much for them. Offer your help to a stranger, especially the elderly or sick. Go shopping for them, offer to cook for them, or just check in and make sure they are coping.

If you know a health professional, emergency services worker or anyone at the frontline of this, send them a message of support. Call them and ask how they are going.
This really is an unprecedented event, and we live day to day, seeking out the positives, staying fit and healthy, and listening to the advice of the medical experts.

We should all look forward to a bright future. We will get through this as a society, there is no doubt about it. We will put races on again. Stay fit and healthy now, load up and relaunch for a huge season in 20/21.

Davey Black will do everything we possible can for every member, so please talk to any of your coaches if you have any questions at all.
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